Diablo Immortal causes entire internet to defecate

If you’re not aware of what happened at Blizzon 2018 with regards to the Diablo franchise then you’re probably reading the wrong blog.

Since the moment of that shitshow, everyone who’s connected to gaming has offered an opinion about it.  People have divided into two camps:

-Gamers who understand why the Blizzcon attendees were disappointed

-People who suck

And boy, there sure are a lot of games “journalists” who suck.  Some of these folks have crawled so far up Blizzard’s ass that a proctologist would have trouble finding them.  According to these “journalists”, PC/Console gamers aren’t allowed to express disappointment even after they’ve been hyped up for years and spend hundreds of dollars for air fare, a hotel room, and Blizzcon tickets only to be presented with a mobile game they care nothing about.  Naturally, most of the gaming community seems to have a different take on the matter than that of the games “journalists”.  The Lazy Peon has a youtube video on this situation that closely mirrors my own thoughts:

There are plenty of other videos discussing this debacle, but Lazy Peon’s really cuts straight to the bone of the Diablo Immortal fuck fest.  And then there is one duo I’ve watched off and on for years that got this whole thing so, so wrong that it could cause some of us to wonder whether or not it was their goal to provoke the internet to hump them into submission.  If you’re a gamer and you haven’t watched this yet, I have to warn you before you click the link below that you’re about to see something cringy enough to tie your sphincter into knots:

If there are two gamers on the intertubes that got it more wrong than these guys, I haven’t come across them yet.  If you type in “Pat the NES Punk Diablo Immortal” into the youtube search, you’ll find plenty of responses to their video but you’ll notice right away that almost none of them are supportive of Pat and Ian.

Not only did these guys step directly into a steaming pile of their own shit, they took the time afterwards to lick it off their shoe.  And by that I mean they doubled-down on their original sentiment with twitter posts and more recently Pat has begun hiding youtube comments that are critical of him on his recent videos while leaving in place many juvenile posts from his supporters who have taken to referring to any and all critics as “Diablo Crybabies”.  The position now that Pat and Ian seem to be taking, as well as that of their supporters, is that the negative reaction to their video proves them right about their original sentiment.  And I think that is a damn interesting leap of logic.  I’m pretty sure that if I kicked a dog in the balls and the dog bit me, I’d be mature enough to assume some responsibility for that outcome.  But with Pat and Ian, accepting the consequences for their actions is something it seems they are not yet ready to do.  The internet is a funny place, though.  Maybe this ends up helping them in the long run, but in the short run they seem to be taking a substantial blow to their popularity among gamers.